About Us


Our Company

  EdFin Microfinance Bank was birthed out of the need for quality education in Nigeria. The bank which is dedicated solely to funding the education eco-space in Nigeria aims to positively disrupt the standard and quality of education in Nigeria, by providing the much-needed financial resources and services to the education sector. 

Founded in collaboration with Gray Matter Capital (GMC) USA; a US-based impact investor concerned with improving the quality of education for underserved children in developing countries. EdFin is focused on facilitating a more enabling environment for private schools in order for them to be able to offer quality education that would ensure improved learning outcomes in such schools and ultimately in Nigeria.


Our Mission

Our mission is “the provision of financial services to the education ecosystem for the realization of human potential”. 


Our Vision

Our vision is “to be the globally recognized bank of choice for education financial solutions in Africa”

Who we are?